Kangana Ranaut FINALLY responds to Hrithiks controversial interview, courtesy

09 December, 2017 Hot News

Just when we thought that the infamous Hrithik Roshan VS Kangana Ranaut controversy is here to end, the latters lawyer made sure to bring the spotlight on the controversy. For those uninitiated, the controversy kickstarted in early 2016 after Hrithik responded to a silly ex remark made by Kangana.

In a video released online, Kangana Ranauts lawyer is seen rebutting each and every claim made by Hrithik Roshan in a controversial interview recently.

In an interview, Hrithik claimed that he did not meet Kangana for a year after an incident which took place in Dubai around October 2013. Kanganas lawyer has provided a few video proofs of Hrithik and his family being present at Ranauts private birthday bash in 2013 followed by Kangana attending Rakesh Roshans birthday bash the same year.

Further, her lawyer questions Roshan as to why did he not show passport details from the controversial December 2013 to January 2014 dates. For those uninitiated, Roshan claimed that he did not visit Paris in January 2014 and later even showed his passport as proof. However, a close look at the passport shows the travel details of the year 2015 only. Kanganas lawyer hence claims that Hrithik is blatantly lying.

Secondly, Hrithik also claimed that he had gone to the US for a few days in December 2013 and not London. Kanganas lawyer while rebutting his claim retrieved a video footage from a media outlet which shows him posing with fans in London during the same period.

Apart from this, Rizwan also countered Hrithiks claim of not knowing how to block emails among other things.


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