ROFL! This is what we’d like to tell Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan,

13 september, 2017 Featured news

The Sarahah app has been making waves all over. It allows users to send anonymous messages to others registered with the app. Millions of people around the world are having a ball as they anonymously post funny, scandalous, abusive and even lovelorn messages to their near and dear ones.

We at Bollywood Hungama are impressed with the characteristics of this app. It would give us the much-needed chance of saying those things that we obviously can’t ask them on their faces. So in this special feature, we let our imagination go wild and come up with a list of questions/statements that we would like to post on the Sarahah pages of the following celebrities

Alia Bhatt :
Just FYI, Ramnath Kovind is the new President of India

Rakesh Roshan :
Sir please patent ‘Roshan Calculator’ before someone else does it

Ram Gopal Varma :
How on earth do you find financiers for your films?

Anurag Basu :
Will you finally start writing bound scripts and adhering to deadlines post Jagga Jasoos debacle?

Shah Rukh Khan :
When will you finally open your arms for roles that suit your age?

Sidharth Malhotra :
After watching Baar Baar Dekho, Brothers and A Gentleman, we really feel that you should work on your script-signing skills before working on your abs

Karan Johar :
You were not totally wrong in the nepotism debate but the ‘nepotism rocks’ stunt was stupid and made you look like a loser. Stop it and move on. You are better than this

Kangana Ranaut :
If you are making rules, follow it

Deepika Padukone :
Are you and Ranveer Singh friends, lovers or friends with benefits?

Varun Dhawan :
We agree that Dilwale was like Inception – it did f**k up our mind

Salman Khan :
How did you restore your virginity?

Akshay Kumar :
Which passport looks better – Indian or Canadian?

So Karan Johar paid you Rs 25 lakhs to bring down Shivaay? You think we are gonna believe that? Even if all the fans of the world collected 2Rs on your behalf, the figure won’t even reach Rs 25, forget Rs 25 lakhs


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